Featuring In My Next Custom Shoot

Mistress Jen

In a few weeks, I shall be filming Mistress Jen.
Photos on this page of Mistress Jen by Dave at British Leather Girls.


Please send in your ideas for scenes.

It is a solo shoot so it will be POV (point of view).

Please make your scene requests as detailed as possible.
Over the coming days I will put your ideas on this page so that everyone can vote on the most popular ideas for us to produce.

YOU are the director

Enter Your Custom Scenes Below

Enter your custom ideas below. Brief ideas will not be listed. I am looking for very detailed scenes to produce. So just imagine that you are the director looking to create the exact scenes that you desire.


If you see a scene that another ‘director’ has created and you really like it, but would like to add extra or alter slightly, please feel free to copy the text and make your changes. It may well be that we can create several such ‘altered versions’.

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8 Responses
  1. Dave

    I’d like to see Jen dressed in black lingerie, long leather gloves and thigh length boots for this scene. We hear the heels of her boots on the wooden floor before we actually see her, then she enters the room and casts a glance at the camera with a confident, maybe arrogant look on her face. She crosses the floor and sits down, dangling one booted foot near the camera as though she were commanding a slave to lick her heel. She gazes directly at the camera, and asks laughingly if the subject is feeling strong today, because she has a special duty for him to perform, which is to be: A ) to eat all the over-ripe fruit in the fruit bowl, and B ), to watch the destruction of his prized RC car which she is fed up with seeing around the place. The car would be crushed and ground under her boots as usual, with her directing glances and sneering dialogue at the camera, and the fruit crush scene would have the fruit and juice dripping from her boot and smeared over the floor.

  2. Aldo

    It’s a pity it will be a solo action. She looks great to ride a strong ponyboy harshly, on the saddle, reins, whip and spurs.

  3. Joaquin

    I wonder if Jen (or any other model) also enjoys gas pedal pumping, driving reckless and crushing objects which get in her way while driving. I would like to ask if you could do a custom video featuring shoe dangling first, revving and flooring down the gas while driving wreckless and then intentionally running over and crushing toys such as soccer balls and other toys left in the street – the crush itself
    possibly filmed by a dash cam out of the windshield and a camera behind the front wheel, while two other cams show her mean smile and her perfectly pedicured foot barefoot and / or in sexy mules on the gas pedal.
    Maybe each time an object like a soccer ball or toy car lies in her way she smiles or laughs wickedly then the „gas pedal foot camera“ shows how her doing a quick toe wiggle in her open toed mule and / or a short slip-out and -into the mule / slide … possibly followed by a quick sexy flooring of the gas pedal / revving of the engine … followed by the runover / crush of the toy / ball …followed obviously by wicked laughing once she noticed the popping of the ball under her her car or truck and seeing it appearing lying flat in the rear mirror.

    Alternatively, if the driving scene is too difficult to film it would also be nice if she would place the ball behind the front tire with the car door open, alternatively see her foot revv and hear her wicked laugh and then ultimately backing up over the ball to make it pop.

  4. Greg

    I would love a clip based on boot gagging and sniffing..
    The slave is strictly tied up, then the mistress takes off her boots, grabs them with her hands and makes the slave gag on them for several minutes…
    Then she takes the boot, opens it and makes the slave inhale the inside of it while grabbing it with her hand.
    This would be a fantastic for bootlovers.

  5. Fabio

    I’d like to see Jen dressed in a white shirt, riding pants, black leather high boots and black leather gloves. She has a whip tucked into her right boot, she enters the room and after putting a cigarette between her lips she looks at me inviting me to light it. I run, immediately afterwards she orders me to clean everywhere while she goes to sit on the sofa where she smokes and reads a magazine. He also orders me to be careful when ash is formed so that she can then put it on my hand. I therefore clean and look at her often, however at a certain point distracted by the cleaning I don’t notice the ash formed in her cigarette that falls on the ground. Then she furiously gets up and after having brought the cigarette between her lips she takes off the riding crop from the boot and orders me to undress and put me on 4 legs. Once this is done, she begins to whip me with enthusiasm and after having vented, she orders me to lick and swallow the ash that has fallen on the ground, indicating it with her whip. Then she sits on the sofa and puts out her cigarette on the palm of my hand, inviting me to clean her boots afterwards. While I do this she lights another cigarette to put me to the test, but this time I’m more careful …

  6. Throaty

    I would like to see Mistress Jen wearing her black riding boots, with a white blouse and beige trousers.
    She stands on the slave hands, rubbing and twisting the soles and heels of the dirty boots.
    But as they do not get clean, she sits down on the sofa and lets the slaves lick the muddy boots.
    Unfortunately the slave has sometime enough and closes his mouth full of disgust. Mistress Jen puts her left foot on his neck and presses. Eventually the pressure is so strong that he has to open his mouth and stick out his tongue. Mistress Jen is happy that she can now clean her right boot on his tongue.
    Then she changes the foot. She does this by walking across his neck and for a short time her delicate weight rests on his throat.
    The slave cleans now also the other boot.
    “You did a great job,” says Jen.
    Now you may rest and sleep.
    She stands with full weight on his larynx and waits until he is unconscious. As she steps down from him with a grin, she stomps on his hand with her heel once more – but he doesn’t notice that anymore …

  7. rad

    could she please sit astride something small but big enough that her feet are of the ground and act like a small ponygirl is giving her a pony ride thanks

  8. desmond

    How about a slave in a floorbox with head and fingers only protruding from the floor . Story line from a cruella magazine I have.

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