Hello dear readers,

I first created the magazine ‘Cruella’ in the early 1990’s. Rogue-Hagen publications was born and other titles followed including ‘Goddess’, ‘Victoria’, ‘Domina-Nation’, ‘Les-Dommes’ and ‘Riding-Cult’.

Now consigned to the the British Library due to the arrival of the Internet!
The magazines were a great success, being the best selling lifestyle publication of it’s type, with distribution throughout the world.

The clips featured on this site fall into three main categories, Cruella, Desire-Her and Desire-BLG.


From my history with Cruella, the clips featured in this category are general femdom clips, in other words, scenes featuring our ladies dominating their slaves in action clips.


For those of you who prefer not to see guys in scenes and enjoy POV (point of view) clips, I have created Desire-Her, which also includes other styles of fetish such as smoking, crush and driving.


The third category of style is filming with associates. For example, Desire-BLG is a collaboration with myself and my friend Dave from British Leather Girls.

FemDom Clips

Clips created by myself or in collaboration with another producer which feature actual domination of worthless males.

POV Clips

Point of view clips cover themes of superior ladies in a variety of features which do not include any males in the scene. Instead, you are either the subject of her contempt or you get to watch a worms-eye view of the action.

Crush Clips

Objects being crushed by ladies, whether beneath their feet or beneath the wheels of their cars.

Ladies And Cars Clips

Scenes in which cars are included, such as for crushing objects, driving whilst smoking and pedal action.

Smoking Domme Clips

These are scenes of domination in which a lady is smoking whilst slaves are present. This also includes features about human ashtrays and cigarette torment.

Smoking Femmes Clips

These feature ladies smoking in scenes where no males are present. This covers POV superiority and simply scenes of beautiful women smoking.

Andy Hagen

Lady Jane Doe Search

In clips where I cannot recall the name of one or more ladies, I have referred to them as ‘lady jane doe’

If you can name any of these anonymous ladies you win a FREE clip of your choice!

To claim clip you should email me with details pertaining to the ‘lady jane doe’ you have discovered and let me know who she is 🙂