Work With Me

Shared Content Shoots for Models & Mistresses
I will work with you and together we share the time to create our media. At the end of the day, we have our own unique material for our own respective platforms. By working this way we enhance our production qualities using our combined skills and ideas to achieve our desired results.

You have complete sole rights to your material and likewise I have complete sole rights to my material. There are no fees either way (I don’t pay you for your time and you don’t pay me). Our only cost which would be equally shared would be for studio hire, for example.

I work with YOU to create video & photography media
for YOUR websites and sales platforms!


Recently I have worked with Genna James. We did a couple of promo clips and some portraits.
Check them out HERE!

You know my style (if you need to clarify, just take  look at FD Archives on my Cruella website)

However, just to be clear, it is NOT absolutely necessary that you are expected to take part in all styles. Maybe you can take heavy trampling, but not a serious caning? Maybe you desire to have a sound thrashing but don’t enjoy the smoking side of things? Perhaps you can’t take much pain but you enjoy the humiliation of being a filthy boot licker or human ashtray?

Since I cover this variety of themes, it is fine for you to act in the scenes that you are most comfortable with. You will NEVER be expected to perform in any scene that makes you feel uncomfortable. It is my real intention that everyone has an enjoyable time. As long as you are happy to do some of the scenes I cover, all is fine 🙂

Regarding masks/disguises.
Generally I don’t shoot these styles, but there are some instances where masks can be considered. For example, if you can take a severe whipping, then we can create scenes wherby face covering can be worked into the scene.  For example a pillowcase can be used in an interrogation scene. Anyhow, open to ideas and suggestions regarding any shoot aspects!

To see samples of my video clip productions … visit my website ‘CRUELLA’